Gifted  Education Testing Referral Information


    You may now nominate your child for consideration by clicking this link, and filling out the online form. Please note: filling out the form does not guarantee that your child will be tested; your child's name will be submitted to the Gifted Eligibility Team, who will examine and evaluate data to determine if testing is appropriate.

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    Gifted Testing Referral Information


    Students who meet the criteria established by state and local boards of education are eligible to be served in the T.A.G. (Talented and Gifted) program.  


    The purpose of services for students identified as academically gifted is to provide opportunities and experiences for the extension of learning, development of individual potential, and advancement toward becoming an independent learner.  Eligible elementary students are served by a gifted education resource teacher one day per week.



     A student may be referred for evaluation for gifted services. by teachers and/or parents.  Any parent who believes his or her child should be evaluated for the T.A.G.  program should talk with the child’s teacher and make an official request that the child be referred for evaluation, unless the child was evaluated for 
    T.A.G. the previous year. 


    Once a child is nominated for testing, evidence will be brought to the school level Eligibility Team, which is comprised of T.A.G. teachers from various grade levels. The teachers will review the evidence, and a decision will be made as to whether or not testing is warranted. If it is, paperwork will go home for consent, and testing may proceed.

    Should the team decide that there isn't sufficient evidence to support testing, a recommendation will be made to keep the child in the regular classroom setting.


    Henry County policy allows for Gifted Education Qualification  testing every other year. Should a child be tested and not qualify, s/he must wait 2 calendar years to be retested.


    Student eligibility is determined by a series of evaluations conducted by the gifted education teacher at our school. These include tests of mental ability, achievement and creativity. Student motivation is also a factor in determining eligibility. Below, you will find the scores that are used to determine eligibility.



    Admission Eligibilty Criteria


    "Option A"


    Students must achieve a CogAt (Mental Ability) score of 99%ile in any subtest or composite score


    Score in the 90th %ile in any section or composite score  on the ITBS or other Acheivement test.


    "Option B"


    Students must meet three of the four following criteria in order to be served in the Gifted Education program:


    1.   Mental Ability: Test used CogAT: K-2: 99%ile;

                    3-5: 96%ile or higher

    2.   Achievement: (ITBS): 90%ile or higher in Composite, Total Reading, or Total Math

    3.   Creativity: 90%ile on Torrance Test of Creativity

    4.   Motivation: 90%ile characteristics rating scale (teacher rated)