January 20-24

    General Information…

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    1. locate – to identify the place

    2. source - a person or book that gives information

    3. respond - to say something as an answer to a question

    4.  label – mark with a name or description

    5. connectionsomething that joins two or more things or ideas

    Assessment- January 24

    Look what’s coming…

    Monday, Jan 20- MLK Day No School

    Jan. 24 - Hat Day for Relay for Life - $1

    What we’re studying…

    Reading: Folktales and Fables       

    Language Arts: Apostrophes in contractions and possessive nouns

    Phonics -   long vowels                                                                           

    Math:- Unit 4 Applying Base Ten Understanding      

    SC: Sun, Stars, and Moon

    S.S. - Economics

    Writing Workshop: Writing complete sentences and the Writing Process; Opinion Writing- “Would a Penguin Make a Good Pet?”

    Classroom Needs....

     None at this time!

    Congratulations to ….

                               Theresa Albright - December Student of the Month!   Hooray for you! Congratulations to Team 2 - Annie, David, Jordan, Lily, Max, and Maya! They are our Team of the Week!  Hooray for you!!