Dec. 9-13

    General Information…

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    1. introduction - the beginning part of a book  that explains what will follow in the main part

    2. conclusion - the final comments at the end of a piece of writing.

    3. compare – to describe how things are similar

    4. review – to look over 

    5. contrast – to describe how things are different

    Assessment - Dec. 13 

    Look what’s coming…

    Friday, Dec 6- bring in an empty shoebox for Winter crafts Jingle Jam 6:00pm

    Dec. 9 - Celebrate Learning Day - wear purple to school

    Wednesday, Dec. 18- Winter Wonderland Party - 10:00 - 11:00

    Friday, Dec. 20- Early Release - 11:25

    Dec. 21-Jan 8- Holiday Break

    What we’re studying…

    Reading:Story Structure - Heidi         

    Language Arts: Adjectives and Adverbs 

    Phonics -   long vowels                                                                           

    Math:-Measurement Unit 3           

    SC: Pushes and Pulls

    Writing Workshop: Writing complete sentences and the Writing Process; Informational writing - GA Hero Research Project

    Classroom Needs....

     We need small prizes and candy donations for our Winter Wonderland party on December 18.  We also need Hershey Kisses and individually wrapped candy for our class as well. Thank you!

    Congratulations to….

    Elliott Miller November Student of the Month!  I am proud of you!