Picture of Just for Parents  
     This Section is designed for parents who have Kindergarten Students in
    our class this year and some of the questions you might be asking.

    1.   What can I expect?
    You can expect to receive regular communication about your child's
    progress.       You  will receive daily behavior reports.   We will have at least 2
    face to face parent/teacher conferences.   However, we can meet
    any time either of us feels the need. 
     Report Cards will be sent home:

    I promise to respond to emails, phone calls and notes as promptly
    as possible.    Emails are a very efficient and fast way for us to communicate. 
    I  will keep you informed on important events happening at school and
    in our classroom.    You will also be informed when the class runs out
    of supplies such as paper towels, cereal, or other essentials.  
    Donations are always appreciated, but never mandatory.
     2. What can I do as a parent to improve the quality
     of education for my child?   

    (1) Talk to your child about school every day.   The classic question,
    "What did you do at school today?" often gets the response, "Nothing."  

    Try questions like:  
    What was the best thing that happened at school today?  
    Did you make a new friend at school today?  
    What are you learning about in school?
    What was your favorite part of the day?  

     (2) Read TO your child every day.  
    (3)  Help with Homework and Family Projects.   Allow your child
    to do as much as possible independently, but be there to provide
    what ever support is needed.    
    (4) Allow your child to do academic games and tasks on the computer.  
    First In Math is a great program   (We will send passwords as soon as
    we get them.)    Starfall and ABCya are excellent websites for fun and
    learning.     We will do a lot of Research this year, in books and using
    the computer.    Your child will have to publish a writing piece later in
    the year.    So, access to a computer is very helpful.  

    (5) Monitor this website for photos and updated info.  

    (6) Foster independence with your child.    Build up your child's
    self-esteem.   Let your child know how proud you are of him/her.  
    Encourage curiosity and creativity.    
    (7)    Maintain regular communication with the school.   Let us know
    of changes in phone numbers, emergency contacts, medical
    issues, etc.     If you have questions or concerns, contact Ms. Galbreath.  
    Do not sit at home and worry, or wonder - ask!  
    (8)   Stay involved in your child's school.    Attend the evening events
     as often as your can.    Volunteer at the school.  Join the PTSO
    to stay informed.
     3.    How can I contact Ms. Galbreath?
    E-Mail -    One of the easiest points of contact is by e-mail.  
    The e-mail address for Ms. Galbreath is:  wgalbreath@henry.k12.ga.us
    Call the School -  You can call the school at (770) 474-8743 and leave
    a message for Ms. Galbreath to return your call.    She is not available
    while school is in session because her attention is caring for your child.