Our Classroom Garden

    Picture of the Classroom Garden  
     Our Kindergarten Students this year, will have the opportunity to experience
    first hand, the learning experience from our Classroom Garden!
     Why the Garden?    
    The Children need to know about plants, soils, and insects.    We not
    only read and write about it, but we go outside and make observations
    and engage in hands-on learning.

    In the fall, we learn about our five senses in the garden as we see,
    smell, touch, and listen to things in the garden.      Later, when we 
    talk about the past and learn about the Pilgrims, we plant turnips
    to grow during the winter.
    What do they do in the Garden?
    The Children dig in the dirt, plant seeds, and watch them grow.
    Later, we harvest the turnips and eat them and share them with
    our friends.     In the spring, we prepare the soil and plant vegetables.  

    We water our plants.    We watch the birds and insects in our garden.  
    We measure our plants.     We compare our plants.   We read about  
    our plants and write about them.      In May, we shuck corn and snap
    beans and then we enjoy eating vegetables at our party.
     Our Classroom Garden Needs
    From time to time, we have volunteers that give help and assistance
    with our Classroom Garden.     We often need items such as Garden Soil
    (Organic preferred), Cow Manure, Pine Straw, Mulch and more.
    We have parents and others who volunteer to assist us in the
    preparation of the Garden.  
    If you would like to volunteer to help or donate items, please contact
    Ms. Galbreath  (wgalbreath@henry.k12.ga.us) or call the School and
    leave a message for Ms. Galbreath with a number you can be reached.  

    Please let us know if you have contacts with local nurseries or Garden
    Centers.  This can be very helpful for our Garden.