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    The Vision for Social Studies in Henry County Schools
     SS Vision
    Thank you for visiting the social studies homepage. In Henry County Schools we believe that in order for our society to endure and prosper in the future, we must ensure success for each student in social studies. Our teachers, administrators and parents work together in helping students to become productive citizens in a free society. Additionally, we collaborate to educate students to become engaged in the democratic process and to realize that social studies skills are stepping stones to success not only for individual students, but also for the progress of our nation.

    Our goal, in Henry County Schools, is for students to see that social studies is more than a collection of concepts and skills to be mastered but rather the application of investigating, reasoning, and communicating. It includes the ability to ask questions and to follow research and reasoning to answer the questions which confront our society. 


    We invite you use this page as a resource to learn about existing programs, curricular decisions, and the accomplishments of our phenomenal students and staff!