• What a Year!!!

    Posted by Angela Davis on 5/24/2016

    The end of each year brings opportunities to reflect on challenges and growth experienced throughout the year. We are so proud and appreciative of each girl, for her individual contribution and "flavor" she brought to the club. Girls R.I.S.E. would not be who she is without you! We are most indebted to our sponsors who took the charge of enriching the lives of each girl; encouraging the girls to be their personal best! We look forward to next year, as we go full charge to continuing an exciting journey toward self-empowerment with our rising 7th and 8th grade girls along with new members who will join us next year!!!! 

    6-7Meeting       8Meeting

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  • Pillows R' Us!!!

    Posted by Angela Davis on 4/27/2016

    The girls had a great time learning techniques in creating a decorative pillow from our special guest, Mrs. Valerie Drayton and her partner/daughter, Chantel Drayton from Fusion Home Decor! Within a short amount of time, the girls choose their own designer fabric and stuffed them until they couldn't stuff anymore! The girls got a chance to discuss why they chose their fabric and even watched how to properly close a pillow by hand. We can't wait do have an extensive workshop next school next year that would include the girls learning more about color, fabrics, decor, and measuring/cutting their own fabric! 

    PL1    PLM2   PM3   PM4   PM5

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  • Camp for Girls!!!

    Posted by Angela Davis on 3/10/2016

    Do you know a girl between the ages of 10-16 who are advanced and or competitive in swimming, soccer, tennis, or golf?

    Apply today for


    Camp Elite 2016


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  • All Girls Conference 2016

    Posted by Angela Davis on 1/6/2016

     This event is open to all girls who attend Dutchtown Middle School!!! Please use the link below to open the registration form.


    Conference Registration Form


    Conf Flyer

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  • Community Service- Adopt-A-Family

    Posted by Angela Davis on 12/14/2015

    The girls did tremendous job bringing donations to support a needy family. The focus was a young girl who loved everything "Frozen". It's very rewarding to see the energy of the girls looking out for the interest of someone less fortunate than they are. We hope the lesson that giving will make you happy will forever be on the girls' hearts. Pictured here: Latyvia Barnes, Shaila Payton, Kennedi Pugh, Priscilla Hudson, Vashti Ricks, Deanna Johnson, Bailey Knight, and Nia Endow.

    AdoptFamily1  AdoptFamily2

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  • Community Service- Special Olympics

    Posted by Angela Davis on 11/20/2015

    The girls had a great time helping participants during the Special Olympics program at Dutchtown Middle School. Everyone pitched in, worked together, and showed exemplary leadership skills that was highly commendable. We are so proud!!! Job well done!!!

    Special Olympics     Special Olympics 2

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  • Welcome Aboard!!!

    Posted by Angela Davis on 9/8/2015

    I'm so excited to welcome our new leaders of the Girls R.I.S.E. Club!!!

    Mrs. Tiffany Dunn, Mrs. Tiffani Hudson, Mrs. Tyra Flowers, and Mrs. Jasmia Thornton. Theses wonderful ladies are local educators at Dutchtown Middle School and will be the lead facilitators of the program. 

    Keep on the look-out for a Meet the Team section on the website to learn more about us!!!

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  • Until Next Year!!!

    Posted by Angela Davis on 5/13/2015
    Our 6th & 7th grade club members enjoyed reflecting on the year in Girls RISE, the teambuilding exercise, and sharing warm thoughts and hopes with each other. We look forward to seeing each of these girls next year as they continue on their journey.....Teambuilding  Last Meeting1 last meeting 2  last meeting 3  last meeting 4
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  • Best Wishes!!!

    Posted by Angela Davis on 5/6/2015
    This was the last meeting for our 12 8th grade members with the DHS Diamonds mentors. Although I am always sadden to see our 8th grade members leave, I am always happy to see our girls enter another chapter in life. And, we look forward to watching them grow throughout high school. I must say that it was soooo good to have DHS Diamonds founding member, Melkhalia Davis, join us, one last time, before graduating in a couple of weeks. We are so proud of all of Melkhalia's accomplishments and wish her the very best in her future endeavors!!!
    Last Meeting  
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  • Hands On Henry Project

    Posted by Angela Davis on 4/20/2015
    Group Photo  Pulling Weeds    Planting Flowers
    The girls did a great job coming together to beautify Pates Creek Elementary School's campus on Saturday, April 18th as part of Hands on Henry project. By the end of the day, we were all tired, hungry, and a bit muddy, but we had a great time. Thanks to all the parents who allowed their daughter to hang out with us, in the rain, for a great cause. We also appreciate Ms. Lewis, DMS Marketing instructor, for sticking with us to the end. Yes, WE DID THAT!!!!
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