Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Brewton

Hi, my name is Jamylle Brewton and this is my 11th year at Timber Ridge Elementary.  I've spent 19 of my 20 years as an educator right here in Henry County. Before I came to teach at TRE, I taught third and fifth grade at McDonough Elementary and I was the Instructional Technology Specialist at Ola Middle School.   
I earned my Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from Georgia Southern University (Go Eagles!).  I earned my Education Specialist degree in Instructional Technology at Northwestern State University. 
When I'm not teaching the funniest, most creative kids in Henry County, I'm at home cheering on the Dallas Cowboys with my husband Tony, my ten-year-old daughter Olivia and my 2-year-old son, Dallas. We are huge fans! Olivia is a fifth grader at TRE this year and enjoys telling me all about the friends she meets.  She's a big fan of pop-its & slime, so my house is full of those toys.  My husband's family lives in south Georgia so we spend a lot of time in the Savannah area during school breaks.   
In addition to teaching, I have a serious love for gadgets, audio books, and any kind of personalized gifts.   If I could have things my way, I'd put my name or initials on EVERYTHING :) I also enjoy photography and using my Cricut cutter to create gifts for my family.  I am sponsor The Yearbook Club for 5th graders who love technology and photography.  I also sponsor Team Titan News for 4th and 5th graders who are interested in communicating with the entire school! 
In late May 2021 I was diagnosed with Multiple Scheroloris. M.S. is a brain disorder that causes muscles or other parts of the body can’t always do what the brain is telling them to do.  I am super happy that I can still work with my GX-traordinary students, but I will need to sit a lot more now, so I'll need your help. I'm glad that we've been learning about the human brain - you know that M.S. will be a part of this year's brain study. I even have pictures of my brain to share with you!