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    STEAM Teachers

    The teachers on the list below currently teach STEAM students.  Please contact them should you have any question about their courses, your child's experience or any feedback. Each name is linked to their teacher website.

     Mr. Chris Burns

    Music Technology

     Mrs. Catherine Holliday


     Dr. Taneka Knight

    Drama and Theatre

     Mr. Carl Lashley


     Mrs. Alfreda Lewis



    Visual Arts

     Ms. Batavia Sumlin

    Computer Science

     Mrs. Sheila Midgette


     Mrs. Amina Rhodes

    Honors English I

     Mrs. Leona Walker

    Honors English II


     Mr.  Errol Thame

    Acc Analytical Geometry B/Adv Algebra

     Mr. Bala Thevar

    AP Calculus 

    AP Environmental Science

     Dr. Josephine Jeganathan

    Honors Biology & Research I

     Dr. Stephanie Holt

    US History

     Mrs. Angela Walker

    AP World History