• click here http://sociologythroughdocumentaryfilm.pbworks.com/w/page/17194965/FrontPage for the link to the documentary list of fillms you can view for extra credit!
    1. TYPE a minimum ONE PAGE (double-spaced) summary of the film.
    2. After the summary, tell me your reaction to/opinion of the film.
    3. Lastly, link the film to concept we've learned about in class.
    SEE ME for due dates!!
    Each film review will count as a classwork grade with zero weight; you're limited to TEN films. Here's the list of films you can watch.
    • The Stanford Prison Experiment
    • The Experiment
    • Experimenter (movei about Stanley Milgram)
    • "The Deadly Deception" (Tuskeegee Airmen secret syphilis experiment [black pilots])
    • Ms. Evers' Boys (Tuskee Airmen--feature film)
    • "The Human Behavior Experiments" (Zimbardo, Milgram, etc.)
    • "A Man Called Bee" (Yanomamo people of Brazil's rain forests)
    • "The Merchants of Cool" (marketing)
    • "The Persuaders" (marketing)
    • "Consuming Kids:..." (marketing to kids/teens)
    • "Guns in America" (self-explanatory!)
    • "Good Hair" (Chris Rock)
    • "We Live in Public" (lack of privacy in an Orwellian/Big Brother society?)
    • "Race to Execution" (race, class & conviction rates of minorities)
    • "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High" (British Columbian weed industry)
    • "Thin Blue Line" (death penalty & race)
    • "Devil's Playground" (click the nice list here link) (Amish kids sow their wild oats)
    • "Making a Killing:Phillip Morris, Kraft & global Tobacco Additction" (self-explanatory!)
    • "Spin the Bottle" (culture & alcohol)
    • if you can find "True Colors" on youtube, you can use it
    • "Ghosts of Abu Graib" (you'll have to find this one on youtube--the link is broken)
    • The Boys of Abu Ghraib (feature film about Abu Ghraib)
    • "Jesus Camp" (cult-like church groups)
    • "Jonestown:..." (cult commits suicide in Guyana)
    • "People Like Us:..." (class in the USA)
    • "For the Bible Tells Me So" (religion & homosexuality)
    • "Big Bucks, Big Pharma" (the big money in prescription drugs)
    • "Unnatural Causes" (how social class affects getting sick & health care)
    • "Bigger, Stronger, Faster" (steroid use)
    • "Generation Rx" (kids and prescription drugs)
    • "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold" (product placement/commercialization in movies)
    • "Soldiers in the Army of God" (people who kill abortion drs in the name of religion)
    • "Paradise Lost: 1, 2, & 3" (this one will make you mad--3 teen boys convicted of murders they didnt commit)
    • "Subdivided: Isolation & Comunity in America" (living in subdivisions)
    • "The Overspent American" (keeping up with the Joneses...on TV & the debt that results)
    • "The End of Pverty" (why does poverty still exist?)
    • "Capitalism: A Love Story" (Michael Moore, the same guy who did Fahrenheit 9/11)