• Mentoring is providing a young person with friendship, emotional support, career awareness, academic assistance, and a positive role model. 


    The  Mentor: 

    • Is a trained volunteer (parents, retirees, grandparents, friends, partners in education, community leaders, junior/senior cadets) who serves as a friend and good listener to a student who can benefit from this special, individualized relationship. 
    • Meets regularly with the mentee on a one-on-one basis to provide emotional support and encouragement. 
    • Boosts students’ self-esteem.
    • Helps the young person broaden his/her vision of opportunities and understand the value of education.  

     A mentor is a special type of school volunteer.  A mentor is an individual committed to helping a student improve and grow in every way.   The mentor is committed to expending the time and energy necessary to sow a positive seed into the life of a child.  The role of the mentor is multi-faceted.  A mentor is a tutor, big brother/sister, role model, and most of all, a friend to the student. 


    If you are interested in becoming a mentor or learning more about the program, you may contact me by phone (770) 389-6556 or email (sasha.wright@henry.k12.ga.us).