• Tier 2


    Provided by: Classroom teacher, or a specialized teacher

    TIER II: Focused supplemental instruction. This Tier is for students who are not being successful in Tier I.

    The supplemental instruction in Tier II is designed to meet the needs of students by providing additional individual instruction, small group instruction, and/or technology assisted instruction to support and reinforce skills being taught by the classroom teacher.

    Tier II includes programs, strategies, and procedures designed to supplement, enhance, and support Tier I instruction.

    Tier II typically uses a differentiated instruction model to address small group needs.

    Differentiated Instruction is:

    * Using assessment data to plan instruction and group students.

    * Teaching targeted small groups (1:3, 1:5).

    * Using flexible grouping (changing group membership based on student progress, interests, and needs).

    * Matching instructional materials to student ability.

    * Tailoring instruction to address student needs.

    Differentiated Instruction is NOT:

    * Using only whole class instruction.

    * Using small groups that never change.

    * Using the same reading text with all students.

    * Using the same independent seatwork assignments for the entire class.

    Alternative strategies and interventions for improvement of student's skills will be implemented and the student's progress will be documented.

    Documentation of student performance must be provided.