Library Media Plan


    For Stockbridge Elementary





    The SES Media Center is dedicated to promoting…

    ·         Reading for pleasure

    ·         Reading in the content areas for information

    ·         Information access


    Goals relating to school goals:

    ·         To promote reading, the media center will provide a wide assortment of literature and increase and update the collection by purchasing more AR books.  The priority may need to be replacing books due to the high amount of damage and loss.

    ·         To promote the CCGPS the media center will continue to purchase materials to go with the national curriculum.

    ·         The media committee will review and prioritize equipment and media materials needs for the school.

    ·         To promote cultural diversity the media specialist will provide and read books that reflect the various cultures at SES and the world while supporting standards taught in the classrooms.

    ·         Cooperative planning between the media specialist and the teacher insures meaningful learning experiences that are integrated with the curriculum and that promote student achievement.  I am trying to increase my collaboration with teachers as well as find ways to teach and support the CCGPS by meeting with grade levels, talking to individual teachers, and by viewing the curriculum maps.


    ·         To improve my technology skills I plan on attending conferences and seek others to enhance my learning.  (This has been limited this year due to being a fulltime special and needing to support the teachers.)



    Service Priorities:

    ·         Coordinate the Georgia Children’s Picture Book Award program with media skills and CCGPS skills for grades K-3.  (read by media specialist)

    ·         Host the Scholastic Book Fair in the fall to promote reading for pleasure and to raise funds for new books and media materials.

    ·         Celebrate “Read Across America” in March.



    Information Literacy Instruction:

    ·         Provide grade-appropriate media activities for all grades.

    ·         Read the Georgia Children’s Book Award nominees for the year.  Use a correlation of CCGPS/media skills to enhance the lesson.

    ·         Provide grade-appropriate media activities based on the needs of each classroom.

    ·         Incorporate relevant life experiences into all areas of information literacy instruction.



    Media Management:

    ·         Establish a school media committee each year.

    ·         Acquire materials to supplement the curriculum and promote recreational reading.

    ·         Replace lost and damaged books.

    ·         Maintain display cases in circulation desk and out in the hall as well as the bulletin boards.

    ·         Order equipment according to school needs and teacher requests.

    ·         Process new media materials and equipment in a timely manner.

    ·         Organize and original catalog books.

    ·         Update all sections of the media center.

    ·         Complete a county required inventory each year.

    ·         Chairman of the Six Flags reading promotion program.

    ·         Pull needed materials for the grade levels and individuals relating to the curriculum.

    ·         Laminate materials for the school with the media parapro.

    ·         Produces daily news program with third grade students.

    ·         Play videos and DVDs for classrooms.



    ·         Expose students to technology advances and incorporate the use of them to teaching literacy information skills.

    ·         Provide on-going assistance and troubleshooting for teachers and students in the classroom with various technologies (when I am able to leave the media center).

    ·         Run the closed circuit system.

    ·         Produces and facilitate the morning news team.

    ·         Collaborate with teachers when using research technologies.

    ·         Website master as well as the person that takes photos at many special school events and then adds them to the website. (I will train interested teachers on the website.)

    ·         Place technology work orders for staff computer problems.

    ·         Organize and process all 12 laptop carts.


    Organization of the media center:

    ·         Organize the storage and media workroom.

    ·         Weed and mend books

    ·         Add AR levels to the spines of books for easier identification for the students.

    ·         Catalog leveled readers and materials sent from the county or purchased by the school.

    ·         Make library cards

    ·         Update database information on students and materials

    ·         Supervise media parapro.


    Other jobs I do:

    ·         Administrator of Six Flags tickets for school


    ·         Order supplies; fix 2 copiers, and call for a repairman to fix them when broken.

    ·         Decorate large glass case in hall and 2 bulletin boards

    ·         Set up for faculty and parent meetings




    Long term goals:

    ·         Continue to increase collaboration with teachers in all grade levels with the focus on teaching the CCGPS curriculum.

    ·         Continue to update the collection to reflect the diversity of the population and update the collection to more current copyright dates.  When that is near completion I would like to focus on sections within the nonfiction area that are less important but need updating as well. (ie: religion, poetry and sports)

    ·         Work towards state compliance for student spending of $6 per book and $2 for equipment materials.




Last Modified on July 26, 2017