• How to Get the Most out of Middle School


    Know what to expect…….

    >Your school (calendar, policies and procedures, who/where to go for help, etc.)


    >Be there~ you can’t learn if you’re not there


    >Know how to make good grades:

    *be organized

    *manage your time well

    *study smart

    *be successful in the classroom

    *take good notes

    *figure out HOW to READ a textbook

    *use test-taking strategies


    >Set goals


    >Get involved….clubs & activities

    *students who are involved in activities get better grades and enjoy school more


    >Make good choices and decisions


    >Deal with stress, anger, and bullies

    *get enough sleep, eat right, and exercise


    >Get along with your parents


    >Understand the “social scene”


    >Plan and Prepare for the Future

    *abilities, interests, and aptitudes


    *career areas

    *different ways to prepare for a  career


    Words of wisdom from Mrs. Keller:

    *You always have a choice (choose wisely)

    *There are street rules and school rules.  You need to know both and when to use each.