Behavior plan
    We all make mistakes and none of us are perfect. We hopefully learn from our mistakes. I want to help your child learn how to get along with others and develop a sense of responsibility. To help teach this there are four rules in our classroom:       
    1. I will be an active listener.
     2. I will have mutual respect.
     3. I will be my personal best and have a positive attitude.
     4. I will raise my hand to be called on or get out of my seat.

    I want to help your child learn a sense of responsibility and that actions have consequences. I try to make the consequence match the offense. (Example: If a child writes on the table, he/she cleans it; If a child destroys another’s property/ personal belongings, he/she will be expected to replace it).
    These are the consequences I use that correspond to the red light.

    ·        1sttime-time out- this includes talking with me on what happened and how we can approve the behavior.

    ·        2ndtime- discussion again, five minutes away from recess and clip moves to yellow.

    ·        3rdtime- discussion again, silent lunch, and time away from recess.

    ·        4thtime- their clip is then moved to red and that is a call or letter home.

    During any time in this process, if I feel it would benefit your child, I will send a note home or have your child call you, so that you will know what is happening and can discuss appropriate behaviors with your child. As well, if your child is misbehaving on a day that we have ice-cream/treats, your child may not be able to participate/buy ice-cream. The extra sugar will not help! : ) If they can go all week without moving their clip, I will have a special treat for them at the end of the week. (Unless there are any allergies that I need to know about).

Last Modified on August 8, 2014