a b o u t        m e

        I love learning new things about my students and I
    believe that it is important for them to know about their
    teacher! I am 28 years old.  I graduated from
     Gordon College with a B.S. in Early Childhood and General
    Special Education. 
    Teaching is my passion and I absolutely love what I do!
     I am so blessed to be at Dutchtown Elementary!
    I believe that students succeed through the support
    of teachers, parents, and the students themselves. 
    Thank you in advance for your support.
    I strive to have my classroom be a place where students
    love to come every morning! I want to ensure that all of
    my  students reach their full potential, no matter what! 
    I have always loved learning and I wish the same
     for my students.
    Here are some of my favorite things:
    My Husband
         me and husband                love     
                        me and husband        fernandez                                      
    His name is Nick(the kids like to call him (Nickelodeon) and we have been married for 5 years and together for 9.
    We met working at Chik-fil-la where we were both managers and just fell in love.
     We bought our 1st home here in Henry County. He is a firefighter for
    Dekalb County. Another favorite thing of mine would be my fur babies and their  names are Georgia, Blaze, and Stoney.
         b      b
                                             me and noodle

     She is a VERY spoiled little baby. She is 8 years old.  Her nickname is noodle
    because she just lets you hold her however you want. She is the BEST
    cuddle buddy in the world. She is pretty much my child and I am pretty
    crazy about her!!!!! Our bond is a special one that will never be replaced.
    Blaze is our German Shepherd. He is now a year old. Blaze is our protector and he takes his job very seriously.  He is very playful, energetic and he LOOOOOOVES his swimming pool. We can't keep him away from water. He has grown up to be one big baby!
     Stoney is the baby of the group. He was rescued by my husband in Griffin. He was dumped at the Stone Crest Mall, that's how he received the name, Stoney. He is a very sensitive and fragile baby. He loves his mommy wayyyyyy more than daddy! ;) He enjoys playing with his brother and stealing his bones. They are the best of friends!
    b  b b  b  b
    Other favorites:
    Color: (If zebra was a color, that would be my favorite.) Just look at my room.
    I will go with PINK!
    Candy: Twizzlers
    I LOVE fireworks........
    Stores: Khol's and Target                                    fireworks
    Music: I love it all!   
    Holiday: I love them all because of
                   sweet family time :)
    Animal: Dogs of course! 
    Job: TEACHING!!!!!!!            
Last Modified on July 24, 2017