• Summative Assessments

    Luella Middle School uses a number of summative assessment tools to measure how well students have learned or mastered certain skills and concepts. These tools are used at different times throughout the school year and give teachers, students, and parents a measuring stick to see how well students are doing in a specific area at a specific time.  Most summative assessments occur at the end of a unit, grading period, or school year and are meant to "summarize" the learning a student did that year.  This is often called assessment OF learning. Summative assessments often have grades attached to them and are the grades in the the grade book.

    Examples of summative assessments include unit tests, section quizzes, the Middle Grades Writing Assessment, the CRCT, and final exams.

    Click Here for access to our schools CRCT Scores.
    Click Here for access to Luella Middle Schools 8th Grade Writing Test Scores.

Last Modified on April 30, 2011