• The Twice-Exceptional Gifted Child


    A student is considered twice-exceptional when he or she is identified as gifted/talented in one or more areas while also possessing a learning, emotional, physical, sensory, and/or developmental disability (from Assouline, Foley Nicpon, & Huber, 2006). They simultaneously possess attributes of giftedness as well as learning, physical, social/emotional or behavioral deficits. (The Twice-Exceptional Dilemma, National Education Association)


    •(1) because of their strong academic potential, their disability often is not recognized until they spend enough time in the system waiting to fail;

    •(2) meanwhile, because they fail to flourish their strong academic potential is not realized. The double impact of these systemic flaws results in a very vulnerable group of twice-exceptional learners with unique issues that were addressed in our project.


    KIDLAB/Krasnow Investigations of Developmental Learning and Behavior