Ice Cream
            Each day your child has the option of buying an ice cream to be eaten at lunch.  Please keep in mind that ice-cream is a privilege and is regarded as a treat by the children.  I ask that you please consider your child's behavior when making the choice to allow him/her to purchase ice-cream!  Thank you!
     All Ice Cream is $1.00 
       Your child will pay for the ice cream in the morning and then be given a token to take to lunch with him/her.  He/she will use the token to select an ice cream of his/her choice during lunch.  Ice Cream is only available for purchase during our morning room.  All money is sent up during this time.  If a child comes in late or "forgets" to put his/her money in the ice cream pouch, the money will need to be kept until another day.  Thank you for your understanding!