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    Dr. Tammy Staten-Daniels

    Assistant Principal of 11th Grade & 9th Grade (A-H)


     My name is Tammy Staten-Daniels, and I hail from South Louisiana, Cajun Country. I have seven children who range in age from 17 to 31. My oldest son is a graduate of Morehouse College. My second and third sons are graduates of the University of West Georgia. My fourth son is a graduate of Clark-Atlanta University and Auburn University.  My fifth son is a graduate of Atlanta Technical College. My older daughter is a junior at the Grambling State University. My youngest child is a freshmen at Alabama State University.

     My educational journey has been a long and fruitful one. I have a Bachelor of Science in Speech and Theatre Education, a Master of Arts in Theatre, a Specialist in Educational Leadership, and a Doctorate in Education. I feel like I have been in school forever; however, my educational endeavors have opened many doors for me and added much to my life.

    Thirty-one years ago, I began my career as an educator in Henry County. I taught English and theatre for 14 years at Eagle’s Landing High School. I then moved to Dutchtown High School where I was Instructional Lead Teacher for three years and assistant principal for five years. I loved every minute I spent at both of these schools.

    I am elated to be an assistant principal at Luella High School. I love children, and I want to help them to reach the next level in their educational pursuit. It is my desire to work with students, parents, teachers, administration, and all other stakeholders to ensure that each student at Luella High School receives the quality education he or she deserves.

    It is my belief that it is every student’s inalienable right to acquire a quality education so that he or she may have an opportunity to pursue his or her aspirations and realize his or her possibilities. In order for this to materialize, students must have teachers who are passionate, industrious, committed, well educated, and well equipped to handle the intellectual, inquisitive, demanding students of the 21st Century. Furthermore, students play a vital role in their acquisition of knowledge because they must have a desire to learn, the wherewithal to process the information they are exposed to, the initiative to ask questions when they do not understand the concepts, and the perseverance to remain with a task or concept until comprehension and mastery are achieved.

    Even though we are experiencing unprecedented times, we (LHS faculty and staff) will work consistently, intentionally, and feverishly to ensure that all students have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge needed for them to demonstrate their mastery of the targeted standards for each course they tackle. It is the expectation that students will do their part to acquire what they will need to successfully complete their educational goals for the 2020-21 school year. 

    I eagerly await each student’s arrival, for I am looking forward to accompanying him or her on his or her educational journey at Luella High School!!!


Last Modified on August 27, 2020