• Four Square Writing
       The Four Square method can be used with all forms of writing and will fit any reading or language arts program. This step-by-step approach is built around a simple graphic organizer that first shows students how to collect ideas and then helps them use those ideas to create clear and polished prose.  The Four Square visual and kinesthetic aid is employed to focus writing, provide detail, and to enhance word choice.  This method can help students to eventually learn how to write a variety of forms of composition; including expository, narrative, persuasive, and descriptive paragraphs and essays.

    How to Create a Four-Square Graphic Organizer

    1.  Fold a sheet of manila construction paper into four equal squares.

    2.  Write a topic sentence in the middle of the paper.

    3.  In three of the squares write a complete sentence which states reasons, examples, or explanations that support the sentence in the center of the paper.

    4.  In the fourth box the student will write a feeling sentence to support the topic.

    5.  Students will then draw a picture in each box, which will describe their sentences.

    6.  Students will then use their Four Square writing to write a story.

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