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    Cindy Greene, Afterschool Director


     If your child is not in attendance in the AESP for any reason (voluntary, illness, disciplinary, late fee payments, etc.), and you wish for your child to remain in the program, tuition must be paid for the time that your child is not in attendance or your child will not be eligible to attend the program until payment and late fees are paid. Credits will ONLY be given for a child that is out due to illness for 5 or more consecutive days. A doctor’s excuse will need to be provided to the Afterschool Site Coordinator to receive this credit. Also, overnight school field trips will also be credited provided proper documentation from the field trip sponsor is given to the Afterschool Site Coordinator.

     If your child is out of the program for two weeks, the ASEP Site Coordinator will with-draw your child from the program.



    Tuition payment of $50.00 per week is paid on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, or yearly basis, not including holidays listed in the Student Handbook. We do not have a "drop-in" rate for afterschool tuition. Parents must pay the $50.00 per week fee by the Friday before the week of participation. If school is closed on Friday, payment will be due on Thursday. Tuition is paid by check, money order, or by using an on-line payment system, www.myschoolbucks.com. Checks and money orders should be made payable to the Henry County Board of Education. Cash cannot be accepted. Payments must be given directly to the Site Coordinator or the Afterschool Enrichment Program desk or paid online.


    Do not send payments by your child. No receipts will be given. Your canceled check or money order stub will serve as your document for proof of childcare. The Henry County Board of Education Federal Identification number is 58-6000263. There will be no refunds made for students absent from the program, unless they qualify for the credit stated in the above section.