• Honors Spanish 3 Course Description & Syllabus 2020-2021

    Sra. Thurston (room 111)                       mthurston@henry.k12.ga.us

    *This syllabus provides pertinent information about class policies and expectations. You are responsible for reading it, understanding it, and following it.

    *Please, sign up for Remind ASAP. This will be the best/fastest way to communicate with me. @7de66k9

    *I will be LIVE daily, providing lessons, activities and practice through Google Meet

    *You must log in to my Google Meet during your assigned class period and complete and turn in your ticket out the door in order to be counted present for your time in Spanish.

    **Even though we are not face-to-face, communication between student and teacher is of utmost importance. Please use remind to communicate with me, pertaining any issues or helpful insight.

    Online etiquette/Teacher expectations:

    • Students should try to be in a quiet/distraction free area for class period as best they can.
    • Students should be dressed appropriately during live meetings. Please, avoid sleepwear or beach apparel.
    • Students should not eat or drink anything other than water when on camera (you will have time at the end of class to snack/eat.
    • Students should remove distractions like social media and texting during live meetings.
    • Students should be respectful and courteous at all times.
    • Remember, you are in class and you should be aware that live class sessions will be recorded.
    • Students should participate when called upon during live class sessions.  

    Course Description:

    Welcome to Honors Spanish 3. This will be an exciting year! As we start with remote learning, you will continue to further conversational skills, deepen your knowledge of the Spanish language and enjoy a deeper exposure to the culture in the areas of food, dance, music, clothing and culturally authentic material. As in Spanish 1 and 2, our focus continues to be the mastery of the four competency areas of reading, writing, listening comprehension, speaking. Assessments in all four areas is a reflection of what you can do with the material learned.


    An important expression with language acquisition is “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”   DAILY PRACTICE is essential. Students that do well in this class review a little bit EVERY DAY outside of class. Please practice on fun apps such as Duolingo, listen to music in Spanish, Youtube videos in Spanish, Tictoks in Spanish. These are just suggestions. If you know of others, please let me know.


    Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

             Present information on vacation plans: where I want to go, where I am going, where I went, what I did.

    •         Talk about relationships with friends and family.
    •         Talk about driving and other activities that I do for fun.
    •         Talk about current events and news.
    •         Talk about different jobs/careers.
    •         Tell/describe what ails me/how I feel.

        Talk about food/ingredients and present an authentic recipe

      Suggested Materials for this course:

    • 3 or 5 subject notebook or loose leaf paper in a binder to take notes and write vocabulary while I am presenting. It is an important part of language acquisition to see it, to hear it, to write it. You should have vocab written in both languages.
    • Quizlet account (Free) – Highly recommend making flashcards on Quizlet immediately following taking down vocabulary notes. Recommended format: Picture/Spanish words(NO ENGLISH). Some words that do not lend themselves for pictures can be English/Spanish. That is how you will study. Picture to Spanish word/English word to Spanish word

    *** Please keep an organized and working notebook, just as you would if you were in a true classroom setting.

    County Resources/Text:

    Vocesdigital.com includes reading and culture




    Rosetta Stone


    *Academic Integrity Policy:

    The use of language translators (human or electronic, etc.) is strictly prohibited on ANY assignment in the world language classroom. Their use also constitutes academic dishonesty. All assignments should be your own work. Should it be determined that a translator has been used, your work may not be accepted for a grade.


     “I understand the course requirements and expectations outlined in the Honors Spanish II course syllabus. I also understand that the use of language translators is a form of cheating and will be treated as such.”


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