• 411 on FRY WORDS...

    In our classroom,  we use FRY WORDS to stay more in alignment with First Grade expectations.  I have found a wonderful website that can be a very beneficial tool in helping your child learn sight words.  It is http://rbeaudoin333.homestead.com/sightvocab_1.html  (copy and paste into browser)

    There you can find the Fry Word lists, flashcards, paper/pencil practice, word shapes, word families, long and short vowel practice, and practice reading short sentences with the Fry Words.  It "gives a different look at the word lists".  There is even a computerized test that will allow you to quiz your child and press yes or no (according to if the word is mastered yet or not).  It gives you a percent of accuracy and you can print the results.  

    Please go check it out!
    Here's the list of the first 100 sight words. 
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