• GA Parent Mentor

    The Parent Mentor Partnership is an initiative of the Ga. Department of Education and participating school districts throughout Georgia.  One the requirements to be a parent mentor is that one must have a child with a disability who is currently in or has been in a public school setting.  As a part-time employee, Parent Mentors act as a liaison between home, school and community.

    I, Carolyn Heard, am proud to be the Parent Mentor for Exceptional Student Education for Henry County Schools.  With over 10 years of personal and professional experience with the IEP process, I help to educate and support families as they navigate through the world of Special Education.  Some of the services I am able to provide are:

    • Attend IEP and Eligibility meetings with parents for support
    • One on one meetings with parents to discuss IEP or school issues
    • Connecting parents to community resources: respite, recreation and social, etc.
    • Assisting parents in finding and applying for benefits and transitioning out of high school
    • Providing parent trainings and resource fairs
    As a parent mentor I am committed to building relationships between home, school and community.  These relationships are the key to success for students with disabilities in school and in life.
    Carolyn Heard
    Parent Mentor
    Exceptional Student Education
    33 N. Zack Hinton Parkway - Trailer A
    McDonough, GA  30253
    770-957-8086 Ext. 514