• August News for Ms. Lauderback's Class   


    Here are a few basics to remember:
     Please send a snack each day.  It is a long morning before lunch and tummies get hungry.

    Remember to check your child's folder each day for conduct and any notes or flyers going home.  Also, sign the folder each night so we will know you have looked at it.  Please place any money or notes in the front pocket of your child's folder.  We do not check in book bags.
    Please send in a change of clothes for your child that has been labeled.  
    Sight word folders will begin going home.  Work on a few letters or words at home and return the folder each day.  We will check your child off on these once per week.
    Please just remind your child about the importance of doing his/her best to listen and follow directions.  It really helps when parents reiterate this at home. 
    Thank you for all you do for to help your child be successful this year!


    Specials 10:10-10:50

    Mon.: Art/Music  Tues.: Exploratory  Wed.: Media Center Thurs.: Computer Lab Fri.:P.E
    Lunch is 12:22-12:52                                                           Snack time: 9:00

    Phonics: We have been assessing students on their letter and sound knowledge this week.

    Reading: We have been discussing proper handling of a book and learning print concepts.

    Math: We have been assessing students on their number knowledge this week.

    Writing: name writing: Using only 1 capital letter and the rest as lower case

    Science/Social Studies: school rules  


     We will begin nightly homework next week. Below is an example of how homework will be each night.

    Monday: Letter/Sound folder  (study the letters not highlighted) (The folder  will be sent home on Tues.).

    Tuesday: phonics/math work

    Wednesday: Letter/Sound folder

    Thursday: phonics/math  work

    Friday: Letter/Sound folder                  Read up to 10 minutes nightly.

Last Modified on August 26, 2015