• Please ask if you have any questions about supplies needed. 
    • 2 Composition Notebooks-marble cover- (no wire spiral notebooks please)
    • 4 Primary pencils (fat ones)-Ticonderoga brand is best (big ones are better for Kindergarteners & we use quite a few during the year, however, they do last longer with minimal sharpening needed) *can be found at Publix & should be able to find at walmart)
      *2 pink pearl erasers 
       *Black one inch binder
      *5 dividers for binder 
    •  1 box regular crayons (16 or 24 count)
    • 2 Large Glue Sticks (larger ones work best and last longer; we use lots for projects)
    • 2 bottles liquid glue 
      * 2 black dry erase low odor markers 
      *1 box 8 count markers 
    • 2 boxes Kleenex Tissues-we need these sent throughout the year as well
    • change of clothing in case of emergency;  put in zip lock bag & label with child and teacher's name; Please send long pants if possible; that way we can use them no matter what the weather.
      *student scissors-rounded tips 

    Teacher Wish List:

    • Zip-Lock Bags (gallon, quart, or sandwich size with slide locks-easy open for Kindergarteners)
    • Baby Wipes (we use lots)
    • Hand Sanitizer (we use lots throughout the year)
    • Band-Aids
    • Paper Towels
    • Clorox Cleaning Wipes-We need lots to keep germs down.
    • peppermint lifesavers for treats
      *Cotton balls
      *Cheap white paper plates
      *small toys (McDonald's type) or other small trinkets to put in the treasure box