• Percent of a Number

    Problem:  What is 35% of 105
    Step 1:  First you must change the percent into a decimal
    To change 35% to a decimal first drop the % sign and put a decimal in its place
    Example 35% to 35.
    Step 2:  Next move the decimal two places to the left
    Example 35. to .35
    Step 3:  Multiply your decimal by the number that comes after the word of.  In this case the number after the word of is 105.
    Example:  .35 x 105  Remember when multiplying numbers with decimals, you do not line up the decimals, but line up the digits and then multiply.  You then count how many numbers are behind the decimal place in your problem and move the decimal place in your answer that many places to the left. 
    Example:  .35 x 105 = 36.75
    Your answer is 36.75 is 35% of 105.
    Practice math skills on these website:  http://www.ixl.com/math/grade/sixth/