The mission of Hampton Middle School’s Counseling Department is to advocate for students of all backgrounds to have access to an equitable, engaging, and personalized learning environment by implementing a data-driven comprehensive school counseling program that addresses the academic, career, and social/emotional development of all students. Our program will collaborate with administrators, teachers, parents, and community stakeholders to create a school climate that celebrates diversity and success, empowers and inspires students to be resilient, productive, life-long learners who are self-motivated, college and career ready citizens prepared to effectively advocate for themselves and overcome barriers in society to reach their fullest potential and pursue their aspirations.


    The vision of Hampton Middle School’s Counseling Department is for all students to prosper, succeed, and maximize their full potential academically, socially, and in their future careers. Our students are empathetic, innovative, college and career ready citizens that are strong self-advocates who value diversity and meet the challenges of an ever-changing society head on. Through collaborative efforts, school wide support, and a personalized learning environment, our resilient, productive, life-long learners possess the necessary skills to thrive as 21st century, world class citizens and future leaders of tomorrow.


    HMS Counseling Philosophy

     Hampton Middle School Counselors believe:
    • Every student can learn, and every student can succeed.
    • Every student should have access to and opportunity for a high-quality education.
    • Every student should graduate from high school and be prepared for employment or college and other post-secondary education.
    • Every student should have access to a school counseling program.
    • Effective school counseling is a collaborative process involving school counselors, students, parents, teachers, administrators, community leaders and other stakeholders.
    • School counselors can and should be leaders in the school and district.
    • The effectiveness of school counseling programs should be measurable using process, perception and outcome data.

    Hampton Middle School Professional Counselors will:     

    • Adhere to school and district policies, state laws and regulations, and professional ethics standards.
    • Practice ethical principles of the school counseling profession in accordance with the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors.
    • Plan, organize, implement, and evaluate a school counseling program aligned with ASCA National Model.
    • Review and disaggregate student achievement, attendance, and behavior data to identify and implement interventions as needed.
    • Participate in professional development opportunities.