How do I, a LGHS football player, get a scholarship to play football at the next level?
    LGHS Football Recruiting Criteria for Current LGHS Football Players:
    1.  Get approved by the NCAA Clearinghouse (see a LGHS counselor or the NCAA Clearinghouse website which can be found on the link, "LGHS Important Websites")
    2.  Take the SAT or ACT during junior year
    3.  Be aware of the sliding scale (higher your G.P.A. the lower you can test score)
    4.  Make game tapes available (you need to identify what games that you want college recruiters to see and provide your own blank DVDs to Coach Satterfield; this will be a free service during your junior and senior years)

    5. Put together a highlight video

    A note from Coach Satterfield on playing at the next level... 

               Division I schools start recruiting football players at the end of their sophomore year and usually get commitments from those players during their junior year.    Unfortunately, we all can’t go and play Division I; however, there are plenty of Div I-AA schools, Division II, and NAIA schools that offer scholarships. Being a qualifier (test scores and GPA) is an important factor, but you have to have good game tapes to help finish the deal. The Division I schools are in contact with us on a regular basis, and we give them info on rising players.  They base their analysis on size, strength, speed, and playmaking. You are welcome to pick out a college and attend their camp in the summer, but this can become costly and time-consuming.  We, as a coaching staff, will try to be as honest as we can when giving you our evaluations and our opinions.  Out of ten GHSA-compteting high schools in Henry County and their roughly 800 players, there were, to our knowledge, four or five Division I-A and I-AA kids that signed football scholarships in 2009.

Last Modified on May 16, 2012