• Mrs.Vaughn’s Behavior Expectations and Procedures


    Behavior Expectations:

    ·                    Be Nice! Treat others like you want to be treated.

    ·                    Work Hard! Do your personal best work every day! This means coming to class prepared and working hard while you're here!

    ·                    Keep our classroom clean! I want you to think of my class as YOUR class. Please help me keep it clean!


    Procedures: Procedures is a fancy word for steps you follow when doing something. In life, there are lots of procedures. If you are at Six Flags, you have to stand in line to ride a ride - that's a procedure!  In my class, I have procedures that you will follow every day. After time, they will become second nature, and you will not have to even think about them. Below are some procedures to help make our class an orderly and safe school environment.

    Homeroom Procedures:

    ·                    Go to breakfast before coming to homeroom. Once you come to homeroom, you will not be allowed to go to breakfast

    ·                     Drop off your instruments in the band or orchestra room before coming to homeroom

    ·                    Please go to the restroom during homeroom.  


    Classroom Procedures:

    ·                    Enter the class quietly and go to your assigned seat.

    ·                    Sharpen pencils before instruction begins.

    ·                    Copy the agenda every day.

    ·                    When you get to class, do the warm-up first thing!

    ·                    After you finish the warm-up, get out your book you are reading and read! We will read every day!

    ·                    Please, raise your hand and wait to be called before talking.

    ·                    All classwork that is being graded will be COLLECTED by me. Please DO NOT PUT WORK ON MY DESK!!!!

    ·                    You must sit in your assigned seat unless I move you to work in a different group.

    ·                    I will dismiss each class (there is no bell for 6th grade). We follow the traffic carousel.  I will dismiss by which class you are going to at our designated times.

    End of 5th Period Procedures:

    ·                    Please remember to take EVERYTHING you need with you. 

    ·                    I will line you guys up and walk you to the connections hall.

    ·                    You must take your grid to connections every DAY!

    ·                    Sharpen pencils before you go to connections - this will help your connections teachers out!

    ·                    Clean up around your desk and put all books away before we line up.

    ·                    We will have silent transitions to connections because classes are in session along the hall we must walk down. Please be considerate of the 7th and 8th-grade classes in session.


    **Cell phones should be turned off or silenced and in your bookbag along with Airpods or earbuds during the school day**