• Adding it all up for Ola Middle School



                                                        Adding it all up for

             Ola Middle School


                                        Ola Middle School Target ID# 124059


    Did you know there’s aneasy way to help us raise money for our school?

    It’scalled Take Charge of Education®, and it’s helpingour school right now.

    Here’s how it works:

    Visit Target.com/tcoe or call 1-800-316-6142to designate our school, then use your REDcard whenever you shop. When you useyour REDcard® (Target Credit Card®, Target Debit Card® or Target® Visa® CreditCard), Target® will donate up to 1% of your purchases to the eligible K–12school of your choice.*




    Georgia Natural GasTrueBlue Schools program is a wonderful opportunity for parents, grandparents,friends, teachers and members of the community to support local area schools –just by using Georgia Natural Gas. The longer you participate, the more yourschool earns. And it’s open to both current Georgia Natural Gas customers andnew ones! It’s that easy and it adds up fast.


    ·        TrueBlue Schools participants are eligible toreceive up to a $0.15 per therm discount off their monthly gas bill.

    ·        GNGdonates $5 per month to our school for both new and existing customers whoenroll in the TrueBlue Schools program.

    Join TrueBlueSchools today!

    Call 1.866.ONLYGNG or visit trueblueschools.comto start earningmoney today!



                                                                5% Back to Schools Program


    Every time you shop at Office Depot,remember to give our school ID# 70212262

    At any store in theU.S. or Canada At www.officedepot.com in the U.S. orwww.officedepot.ca in Canada When calling 1-800-GO-DEPOT

    For details, visit www.school.com click on the 5% Back toSchools Program link.



    Pickup your Publix Partners key tag in the

    frontoffice and use it every time you shop at any

    Publix Super Market




    Introducing the MOYE'S Charity Program where 3% of your purchase

    total is donated to a non-profit organization of yourchoice!

                                                    (Purchaseson house accounts are excluded from Charity Program.)


    Please advise your cashier beforeyour transaction is complete that you are selecting Ola Middle School as yournon-profit organization.

Last Modified on August 5, 2013