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    Attendance and punctuality – Be on time. Don’t miss unless it is a dire emergency. Doors will be locked at 3:50 PM. Practices are closed to the public. 3 Unexcused absence will result in being removed from the team.

    Be prepared - Proper attire – No other school attire will be worn. Special equipment – braces, etc. Tape – be early if you need to be taped.

    Care for uniforms and equipment – You are responsible for warm-ups and singlets issued to you.

    Be cooperative with teammates and coaches – Treat your teammates the way you would want to be treated.

    Acceptable behavior at practice and during competition - Represent you, family, team, school, and community with pride. Everything you do you do to the team.

    Treatment of facilities - No spitting on floors. Keep room and bathrooms spotless.

    Attentiveness to instructions - No talking when coaches are talking

    Transportation - Make sure your ride is here to pick you up when practice is over.

    Discipline issues - Coach’s discretion. Zero tolerances for drugs and alcohol during season (consuming or distributing)

    Academics - Must be passing all classes to compete. Can only be failing one class to be able to practice.






    Wrestle Offs

    NOTES: Wrestle offs are conducted based on team need. This is a coach’s decision.

    • The number two person in each weight class may challenge the number one person.
    • Once a weight class is claimed, challenger must defeat starter more times than they have lost to them (has won 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 challenges).
    • You must give coaches at least one-day notice of any challenge. All wrestle offs/ challenges will be done before practice.
    • If any varsity wrestler is unable to compete due to illness or injury, he is still considered to be the varsity starter upon his return although another wrestler competed in his place.
    • If a varsity position is vacated, that weight class is declared “open” and any wrestler can challenge for it. Only one victory over each competitor is required to earn that position. Example: when a varsity wrestler switches to another weight class.
    • If strategy or injury dictates changing the line-up after wrestle-offs have concluded, the coaches can determine the competitors per weight class for a dual meet.