• Woodland Elementary PTO Bylaws

    The Woodland Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is an equal opportunity, non-profit organization.

    Mission: To strengthen our children’s education and development through the collaborative effort of parents, teachers and administrators.


    To promote the welfare of our children by developing a united effort between educators, parents and the community to secure for all children the highest advantages in education.

    To foster communication among parents, children, teachers, administrators, community and elected school officials.

    To promote volunteer programs and resources for the school.

    To promote educational and informative programs.

    To raise funds as required to provide for all the above objectives.

     Membership:  All parents, guardians, teachers and staff of Woodland Elementary School are eligible for membership in the PTO.  In order to be eligible to vote in a PTO officer election you must be a card holding member.  A card holding member has paid the membership dues. Paid dues will cover membership for one school year.   

     PTO General Meetings:

    All general meetings of the PTO shall be open to the public.  

    All PTO members will be encouraged to attend and contribute ideas, make motions and debate issues.

    Voting in the elections for PTO Officers shall be limited to PTO Officers and card holding members of the PTO.

    PTO Officers must be present for any and all voting. In the event that there is no meeting scheduled and a vote must be taken, a phone vote of PTO Officers will be organized by the President or Vice President.

     Amendments to the Bylaws: A committee may be appointed by the PTO Officers to submit revisions to these Bylaws, which must be passed by a majority vote of the PTO Officers.

     Officers and Elections:

    The offices of the PTO Board shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Hospitality Coordinator and 2 Members at Large.  

    Officers shall be nominated and elected by parents and teachers who are members of the PTO.  Members may nominate themselves for any open position.

     No officer shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office unless no new nomination is received.

     Nominations and elections will be held yearly during at the beginning of the school year.

     The PTO Board, Administration and Teacher representative will meet bi-monthly, on the first Friday of that month at 8 am in the Woodland conference room.  


    Committees may be created by the Fundraising and Hospitality Coordinators as needed.       

    Revised August, 2013

Last Modified on August 12, 2013