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    English III – Course Code: 3208                                              

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    Instructor: L. Walker – Room 115                                  Email: leonawalker@henry.k12.ga.us



    Course Description: Literature of the United States introduces students to a diverse and select group of writers through a survey of American Literature.  Students will be able to study and  thoughtfully analyze, through writing and class discussion, literature that spans from the Puritan and Native American eras through the 20th Century.  Also, students will concentrate on persuasive and position papers and will practice all aspects of the writing process.


    Course Outline: English III includes the study of composition, grammar, vocabulary and literature.  The following major units will be included:

    I.                   Semester one:

    A)    GHSWT Review

    B)    Literature -The New Land Through 1865

                                                                   i.      The Land to 1770

                                                                 ii.      The Colonial Period

                                                               iii.      A Growing Nation (Age of Reason)

                iv.   New England Renaissance (Romanticism, Transcendentalism)

                             v.   Division, war and reconciliation

    II.                Semester two:

    A)   EOCT/Milestone Review

                 B)   Realism through Contemporary Literature

    i.                     Realism and the Frontier

    ii.                   The Modern Age

    iii.                 The Harlem Renaissance

    iv.                  Modern Drama

    v.                    Contemporary Writers

    Course Content:

            -grammar and vocabulary study

               -writing assignments (essays, poems, journals, research project, etc.)

               -group and individual projects

               -class discussions

               -tests and quizzes


    Textbooks Used:

     -Elements of Literature: Fifth Course, Holt ($47.55)                   

     -Elements of Writing, Holt

     -Prentice Hall Literature                                          

     -African American Literature, Holt

     -Selected paperback novels, (including but not limited to The Great Gatsby,The Crucible, A Raisin in the Sun, Of Mice and Men, Education of Little Tree, Pudd’nhead Wilson,). 


    Materials Needed:

                -three-ring notebook binder*                               -loose-leaf college ruled notebook paper*

                -blue/black inked pens and pencil*                       -five tab dividers                                                                                                            


          -The asterisk (*) indicates that these must be brought to class daily

          -No work will be accepted in pencil or colorful ink.  All written assignments must be

           completed in blue/black ink only. Pencils are to be used for Scantron tests and quizzes


    Classroom rules and discipline procedures:

    Tardiness: Students will be on time in their seats with materials and ready to work when the tardy bell rings.  We will follow the school’s tardy policy at all times.  Students will not be given extra time to make up work they have missed as a result of being late to class.


    Make-up Work: Students should be prepared to make up work missed on the day of their return and turn in all work due.  To receive full credit, students must make up work within the same amount of time as the number of days absent. (For example, if a student misses two days, then all missed assignments must be turned in within two days of his/her return). After this, a late grade of no more than 50% will be given.  No late work will be accepted after four weeks.  Students will be given a different test/quiz from the one administered to the rest of the class. If a student fails to make up a missed assignment, a grade of zero will be given for that assignment.  Make up assignments can be found in the “Make-Up” folder and/or Infinite Campus.


    Homework Policy: The bulk of the homework assignments are centered around reading.  Students will also complete frequent writing assignments.  Cliff Notes and Spark Notes are not substitutes for reading the assigned materials. Read!  Read! Read!  Written assignments are due when I ask for them.


    Cheating/Plagiarism: Students who cheat will receive an automatic zero.  This involves, but is not limited to: copying work or answers from another student, allowing another student to copy, paraphrasing from any source without using quotation marks and citing the source.  Additionally, I will decline any requests to write a college/scholarship/job recommendation for you.


    Grading Policy:

    90-100 = A               80-89 = B                  74-79 = C                    70-73 = D              69-below = F


    Final Exam/EOCT (20%)

    Formative/Summative Assessments (80%)

    ·          Tests and major projects=53%

    ·          Class work and homework=47%


    Teacher’s Expectations:

    1)       Be prompt and prepared to learn.

    2)      Maintain academic integrity.

    3)      Respect the rights of others to learn.

    4)      Adhere to school policies; rule violations and classroom misconduct will be dealt with in accordance with school policy.

    5)      Good attitude equals good grades.
    Tutoring: Tuesdays 3:30 - 4:15


    Stockbridge High School

    Course Syllabus 2014-2015

              English III – Course Code: 3208




    Parents or guardians who wish to discuss the progress of their students may email or call the counselor’s office and schedule an appointment before school.



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