• "The value of achievement lies in the achieving"    ___Albert Einstein
    Teacher Name: Terri McCray
    School Email Address:   tmccray@henry.k12.ga.us
    A little about me....
    Simply put..."God is good... and actions speak louder than words!"
    What you might not know

    - I am a Georgia native.
    - I have traveled more than most and less than some.
    - I have wanted to be a scientist since I was little! I just love science and I am extremely curious, not nosy! :-)
    - Member, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc!
    - I do have siblings!

    Bachelor of Science, Chemistry                                             Columbus State University
    Masters of Education, Secondary Science Education        Columbus State University
    Ed. S. in Adminstration Leadership                                    Walden University
    Coursework - Doctorate in Education, Admin. Lead.      Walden University
    Coursework - Educational Leadership                                Mercer University

    Aside from teaching one year of middle school science and 23 years of high school science, I have worked in a U. S. Senator's office (senior year of high school); worked in the customer service department and shipping department for a former denim manufacturer; "moonlighted" one fall at "Books-A-Million" bookstore; tutored; taught a few summer schools; worked as a public library reference clerk; and chemistry lab technician/clerk at my college alma mater. Yet, there is still so much to do and learn!
    "Bucket List"

    Before I kick the bucket, I must...
    ride a horse on my own
    2 fly an airplane
    3 travel first class by plane
    4 ride a motorcycle