• Tutition Information

    Tuition Information (2022-23)

    Tuition payment of $50.00 per week is paid on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or yearly basis, not including holidays.Parents must pay the $50.00 per week fee by the Friday before the week of participation.If school is closed on Friday, payment will be due Thursday.Tuition is paid by check or money order made payable to the Henry County Board of Education.Cash cannot be accepted.Payments must be given directly to the Site Coordinator.Do not send payments by your child.No receipts will be given.Your canceled check or money order stub will serve as your document for proof of childcare.The Henry County Board of Education Federal Identification number is 58-6000263.There will be no refunds made for students absent from the program.

    In order to receive the HCBOE Employee discount for afterschool, the employee must be full-time and eligible to receive HCBOE benefits.

    Withdrawal and Re-Enrollment Fee

    If your child is not in attendance in the Afterschool Enrichment Program for any reason (voluntary, illness, field trips, disciplinary, late fee payments, etc) and you wish for your child to remain in the program, tuition must be paid for the time that your child is not in attendance or your child will not be eligible to attend the program until payment and late fees (if applicable) are paid.

    If your child will be out of the program for four weeks or more and tuition to hold their spot has not been paid, your child will be considered as withdrawn from the program.In order to re-enroll your child in the Afterschool Enrichment Program, a re-enrollment fee of $25.00 plus the upcoming weekly tuition is required as payment by the Friday before the week of participation in order for your child to attend the Afterschool Program.

    For example, if your child is not in attendance in the Afterschool Program for three weeks or less, your child will not be considered withdrawn and tuition and late fees must be paid for those weeks that your child was not in attendance, plus the upcoming week of participation in order for your child to return to the Afterschool Program.

    Early Release Days

    Students attending early release days need to complete an 'intent' form so adequate staffing can be arranged for students.

    Students NOT attending early release days will receive a $10.00 credit on tuition.

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Last Modified on June 15, 2022