DOD Chain Of Command

    Chain of Command
    Commander in Chief: President Joseph R. Biden       
    Vice President of the United States: The Honorable Kamala D. Harris
    Secretary of State: Secretary Antony Blinken  
    Secretary of Defense: Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III
    Secretary of the Navy: Secretary Carlos Del Toro
    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Gen. Mark A. Milley
    Chief of Naval Operations: Admiral Michael Gilday
    Commander Naval Education and Training: Rear Admiral Pete Garvin
    Commander Naval Service Training Command: Rear Admiral Jennifer S. Couture
    Area 12 Manager: Commander Jonathan D. Shaw
    Senior Naval Science Instructor: LCDR Gino L. Rice
    Naval Science Instructor: Chief Petty Officer Marvin O. Russell
    Naval Science Instructor: Gunnery Sergeant Lenwood Stackhouse
    Commandant of the Marine Corps: General David H. Berger
    Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy: Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Master Chief Russell L. Smith
    Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps: Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Troy Black
Last Modified on April 13, 2022