Prices for Admission to Games
    (Henry County Board of Education Policy)
    What Passes Get Into Games Free? 
    GHSA: Cardholder plus 1
    HCBOE Fulltime Employees Only: Cardholder plus 1 


    Varsity Football: $7.00
    All other Varsity Contests: $5.00
    All JV and or 9th Grade Contests followed by a Varsity Game: $5.00
    JV and/or 9th Grade only: $3.00


    Anytime a JV or 9th Grade game is followed by a Varsity game, the price of admission is the price of a Varsity contest. 

    *Region Tournament and State Tournament Admission will be determined by the Region or State.


     Go Lions!


Last Modified on September 2, 2020