• Lady Pearls Of Luella High School


    Article I


         The name of this organization shall be Lady Pearls of Luella High School.

    Article II


    1. To practice the fundamentals of sisterhood.
    2. To promote unity within the school between all students.
    3. To assist the faculty , staff and students in any manner to help make our school a better place.
    4. To excel to the best of our ability both academically and socially.
    5. To always maintain a positive attitude.
    6. To carry ourselves with extreme pride to show other students that we are sincere with our beliefs.
    7. To exemplify the essence of social etiquette and graces.

    Article III


         The colors of this organization for the recognition will be:

         Purple- showing that we are regal, royal and proud

         Gold- to represent strength and prominence

         Pearl- Representing eloquence luxury and perfection

    Article IV


         To unite maturing young women who exemplify poise, individuality and self-confidence in order to uplift the female image while expanding the educational exposure of young people.

Last Modified on August 27, 2020