Gifted Services

    Henry County Schools provides services for identified gifted students at all grade levels. Instructional programing for gifted students is based on the Henry Teaching and Learning Standards and focuses on enriching and extending students' learning through engagement with advanced, conceptually challenging, in-depth, and complex content. Teachers use principles of differentiation to develop curricula in which teaching strategies, learning experiences, and expectations of student mastery have been adjusted in response to the diverse needs and characteristics of gifted students.

    The requirements for identifying and placing students in the gifted program are governed by State Gifted Rule 160-4-2-.38: EDUCATION PROGRAM FOR GIFTED STUDENTS.

    Please contact your local school for specific information about available gifted education services.


    Delivery Models

    Henry County Schools provides gifted education services through a combination of five state-approved models including resource classes, advanced content, cluster grouping, collaborative teaching, and innovative models.  Advanced content courses include, but are not limited to, accelerated math courses, high school courses offered to middle school students, honors courses, and Advanced Placement courses.