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    Pic of Accelerated Reader
    Overview of Accelerated Reader (AR)
    AR is a reading program that is used to motivate and encourage students to develop a love for reading.     As children check out and read books from the library, they can take tests on the computer to see if they comprehended what they read.        They can take tests on books read in class, as well as the library books.
    Student Points
    As they take tests, they earn points based on the number of correct responses.    Students earn different prizes as they accumulate points.   
    Academic Carnival
    All students work toward achieving a certain goal.    If they meet this goal they get to attend the Academic Carnival which is held in May. 
    How Parents can Help
    Students should have a library book with them every night, as soon as they are available for checkout.      Parents can encourage their children to read their library book.    When a child reads a book 3 times, he/she has an increased chance for passing the test.      Read with your child and discuss the book - ask questions.     Encourage your child to take AR tests.    Ask him/her, regularly, about the number of AR points he/she has.      Children who do well on AR tests generally do well with reading comprehension.      The level of difficulty of the books should increase over the year.       As the books get harder and the child is successful on the tests, his/her reading comprehension will be improving.     This is very important for meeting grade level expectations.
    Never Stop Reading