Dear Parents and Guardians,                                                                                                                                                                                 August 2, 2022




                Welcome back to school!  Third grade is such an exciting time for students, parents, and teachers.  You will see huge academic growth in your student this year.  We will be reading, writing, multiplying, and dividing before the end of the year!


    Your child is very important to me and I want to do everything I can to help your child be successful in both school and in life. Please help me in my commitment to your child’s excellent education by:


    1. Communicating with me.

    2. Making sure that your child comes to school prepared and on time daily.

    3. Making sure that your child has a good breakfast each morning.

    4. Enabling your child to get a good night’s sleep each night.

    5. Reading with your child/to your child often.


    6. Keep a positive attitude towards school, students, and teachers


    School begins at 7:45am.  Please make sure that your child arrives on time.  Dismissal time is 2:20pm.  If you need to make any changes in your child’s afternoon transportation method, please have it in writing and send it with your child to school that day.  Without written permission to change, your child will be sent home using the method that is noted in our records.




    Classroom Rules


    I feel strongly that a respectful and caring learning environment will allow your child to achieve success both in and out of the classroom.  I will show respect for all of my students and maintain a high standard for responsibility toward my teaching.  In return, I expect the same level of respect and responsibility from my students.  We will practice ways to respect the ideas of others.  All students should feel safe to ask questions and share thoughts regarding anything that we are learning in class.  Please review our rules with your student.


    1. Listen carefully and follow directions.
    2. Work quietly.  Do not disturb others who are working.
    3. Respect others.  Be kind with your words and actions.
    4. Respect school and personal property.
    5. Turn all work in each and every day.


    Thank you,

    Mrs. Darla Hall





Last Modified on August 2, 2021