• ventr-                     front of body/belly/abdomen
    vert-                    to turn/a turn
    eu-                       good/well/normal/easy
    ambi-                   both/on both sides/around
    amphi-                 both/in two ways/ round about
    brachy-                short
    capit-                   head
    cau-/cauter-         burn/burning heat/searing
    clas-/clast            break/destroy
    duct-                    tube/channel/canal through which a substance moves/to lead or draw
    fiss-/ fid-             split/cleave
    ger-/geron-          old/old age
    heter-                   other/different from
    infer                     below
    hom-                    same/equal/like/resembling
    olfact-                  smell
    orth-                     straight/correct/make normal
    gyn-                     female/woman
    pachy-                  thick
    phrag-                   fence in/wall off/ block up
    poster-                  back part/behind
    cata-/cath-            down/under/lower/complete
    platy-                    plat/broad like a plate/patch of eruption
    pseud-                   false/imaginary/like in appearance but unlike in structure or function
    schiz-                    split 
Last Modified on April 14, 2015