• arter-              artery
    appendic-     apendix
    thyro-           thyroid
    splen-           spleen
    ovario-         ovary
    adreno-         adrenal gland
    basi-             base 
    pelvi-            pelvis
    vena-            vein
    urethr-          urethra (tube that urine travels from bladder to outside)
    utero-           uterus
    sacro-           sacrum
    pharyng-       pharynx (muscular membrane from mouth to nasal cavity)
    duodeno-      duodenum/first section of small intestines
    ureter-           ureter/tube carries urine from kidney to bladder
    laryng-          larynx
    bronch-         bronchus
    col-               colon
    esophag-       esophagus
    bi-                 two/double/both/pair
    tri-                 three
    ile-                 ileum/lowest portion of small intestines/opening into large intestines
    lig-                 ligament/band of tough tissue connecting bones or holding organs in place
    ili-                  ilium/flat uppermost portion of the three sections of the hip bone
    therap-            therapy/treatment of a disease, physical, or mental disorder by medical or physical means 
Last Modified on March 25, 2015