•  thromb           lump/clot/coagulation
    ab-                 away from
    -plegia           paralysis/loss of power
    ante-              before/situated in front of
    thel-               nipple/a thin layer of tissue
    ex-                 out/away from/outside of
    lien-               spleen
    tumor             mass/swelling
    vestibule        entrance/ space or cavity forming an entrance to another space
    puer-              child/children
    sarc-               flesh/fleshy material
    proli-              offspring/production 
    macro             large/enlargement
    lal-                 speech/babbling
    intra-              within/situated within
    inter-              between/situated or formed between 
    infra-              beneath/situated or occuring below or beneath
    cryo-              cold
    mal-               bad/irregular/abnormal/faulty/inadequate/insufficient
    glom-             ball/rounded mass or cluster/formed in a ball/ tuft
    tens-               stretch 
    spas-               pull/draw/contract
    somni-            sleep
    pharmac-        drug/medicine
    lumbo-            loins/side of back on each side of spine between end of ribs and hip bone 
Last Modified on March 19, 2015