• mechano-               machine
    dynam-                 power, force, strength
    osmo-                   odor, smell, sense of smell
    traumat-               wound/injury/shock/stress
    trich-                    hair
    maxill-                 upper jaw bone
    an-/a-                   without/not/lacking/deficiency/weakness
    phak-                    lens/crystal lens of eye/behind pupil focuses light rays 
    pre-                      in front of/before/occurring before or prior to 
    strict-                    to draw tight/narrow
    turbin-                  shaped like a top/spiral shaped
    ameb-                   change/a parasite that moves by changing shape
    hormone               to excite/set in motion/stimulation/arousal
    semi-                    half/partially
    neo-                      new/recent
    therm-                   heat
    syn-/sym-          together
    vuls-                  twitch/pull/pluck/tear loose
    post-                  after/behind in time/situated behind
    metr-                 uterus/womb
    tegument-         skin/covering
    pan-                   all/completely/the whole of
    poly-                 many/much/with the idea of excess
    ramus-               branch/branch like projections
    neuro-               nerve/nervous system 
Last Modified on January 27, 2015