• Accelerated Reader Program


    Accelerated Reader- This reading program promotes daily reading and the use of the school library, as well as the public library.  Tussahaw uses the web-based version called AR Enterprise.  Through AR Enterprise, students will have the ability take quizzes online.  This program also allows students and parents to check reading records, points and goals at home.  It gives students access to over 130,000 AR quizzes at school, as well as access to vocabulary, literacy skills and voice recorded quizzes. 

    o   AR Goal—All students will be required to reach 85% in accuracy.  Teachers will use the STAR test to help determine students reading range and point goal.  Teacher will share with students the colors for their range. 
                            AR Color Dot Chart
    As a parent, you are able to view the home connect portion of AR.  Through this program, you may sign up for emails which will be sent each time your child completes a quiz.  Parent letter will be sent home after curriculum night giving sign up information. 
    Home Connect Link: