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    • Respect everyone's feelings
    • Use equipment properly

    ·         Stay in playground area

    ·         Listen and watch for adult signal

    ·         Be aware of activities around you

    ·         Play safe

    ·         Follow all playground rules

    ·         Include others

    ·         Share turns


    • Use quiet voices
    • Keep feet off seat


    • Clean up your area
    • Sit in assigned seat
    • Watch for stop
    • Listen to bus driver or adult in charge
    • Keep hands and feet to self
    • Use kind words
    • Report if someone needs help


    • Use quiet voice
    • Leave area clean
    • Practice good table manners


    • Always walk while in cafeteria
    • Stay in a straight line
    • Wait your turn
    • Come in for assemblies quietly
    • Line up quietly to leave
    • Follow directions given in cafeteria
    • Put tray in window
    • Be polite to staff and peers
    • Help a friend if needed


    • Save talking for designated areas
    • Keep hands and feet to self
    • Walk on third block on right side in a single file line at all times


    • Follow directions
    • Go directly to your destination
    • Show kindness to others


    • Leave restroom clean
    • Always flush toilet
    • Use facilities correctly
    • Use 2 pumps of soap and  3 pumps for  paper towels
    • Wait your turn
    • When washing hands, keep water and soap in sink


    • Keep hands and feet to self
    • Be silent
    • Use restroom quickly
    • Stay calm
    • Report if someone needs help
    • Listen carefully to adults

Last Modified on July 28, 2010