• Advanced Mathematical Decision Making
    Welcome to Advanced Mathematics.  Your presence in this class identifies you as an exceptional person, and our expectations for exceptional people are correspondingly high.  In general, you are expected to be honest, dependable, and thorough in all that you do.  This course will use all the mathematical skills and concepts you have acquired over the years and apply this knowledge to real world applications.  This class is heavily PROJECT BASED, and it is essential that you are here EVERYDAY to work with your team.  This class is a lot of work, but it will also be A LOT of fun!! J

    Supplies:            The following supplies are required:

    1.        1-INCH three ring binder (get this ASAP).

    2.       Notebook Paper/Graph Paper/Dividers/Pencils/Pens 

    3.       Flash drive or Google Drive

    4.       A graphing calculator (TI-83 Plus) – Optional, but HIGHLY suggested



    Grading:           The percentage breakdown:

    50%  Projects/Tests

    30%  Team Participation/Daily Grades/Quizzes/(Small)Presentations 

                                                          20%  Final Exam
     (These materials will be given out in class, but are available if pages are lost by the student.)

    Parental Resources:

    Carnival Day Questionnaires:
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