• Welcome to Math Class
    with J. Harrison!!!
    Teacher Name:  Julie Harrison
    School Email Address:  julieharrison@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach:   
                   Honors Pre-Calculus           Virtual Class Scene Pre-Calculus
                   AP®︎ Calculus AB                 Virtual Class Scene Calculus  
                   AP®︎ Calculus BC                 Virtual Class Scene Calculus  
    Welcome Message
    Hi! Welcome to math class with Mrs. Harrison. I started teaching math at Eagle's Landing High in 1997 and love it at ELHS! A year from now, I will have two kids attending college. I love playing cards, swimming, visiting new places, and teaching teens math! 
    I started teaching Calculus and Pre-Calculus at our school in 2002 and believe that all students succeed in these courses. It simply requires full engagement in Math discussion and focused daily work on the course concepts. In a Calculus course, all of your math and lots of your science topics come together in a beautiful and amazing way! 
    Get ready to learn lots of math and how it surrounds us everyday! Make sure you pay close attention in class and ask lots of questions. Discussion of mathematics is the best way to understand and master it----so be prepared to share ideas that are right and wrong! Making mistakes is a vital part of the learning process!
    J Harrison in Kansas City
    ***Students can find our shared folders in their google drives which contain all of our class items.  
    ***You should be spending a consistent 30 minutes per day outside of class on the material for this course as a minimum. 
    ***It is encouraged for students to work together on a regular basis and have conversation with their teacher on a regular basis. Reach out to folks with ALL questions or concerns immediately as they occur. This behavior promotes success!
    ***We will be having scheduled Virtual Class Meetings-----students should see our shared folders for details.
    ***Remote Learning Bell Schedule       and       Google Meet Student Expectations (image repeated below)
                       Block 1:   Planning (Fall)
                       Block 2:   Honors Pre-Calculus Virtual Class (Fall)           Google Classroom Link (code: hg424tf)        
                       Block 3:   AP Calculus AB Virtual Class                              Google Classroom Link (code: sfyrmc6)
                       Block 4:   AP Calculus BC Virtual Class                              Google Classroom Link (code: 6hlbmsf)
                       Office Hours: 7:45 - 8:05 am and 3:15 - 3:45 pm
                       Extra Help Sessions (Tues and Thurs) are scheduled and listed in our shared folders.                             
    Student Expectations for Google Meet